Valia Kapeletzi is a Textile Designer and Artist from Athens, Greece. With a degree in Textile Design from London College of Fashion, she has been the Textile Developer of the Iris van Herpen atelier for the past few years in Amsterdam. 

She has recently moved to Athens, in her own studio, where she is currently absorbed by the charm of thread pulling and mixed media sculptures. Valia specialises in textile experimentation and hand crafted fabric processes, while she also has a ceaseless drive for illustration. 


She draws inspiration mainly from organic shapes and textures, seen in everyday life and nature, which she then translates into textile installations. She finds excitement in creating new material surfaces, manipulating and often deconstructing them, as well as in interfering with the properties of the materials that she is working with. Solidifying soft and dainty components, such as threads and fabric elements, allows her to built texturally intricate compositions. A common thread in her work is transparency, which allows for interaction of her artworks with light, as well as their surrounding environments.