Valia Kapeletzi is a multidisciplinary artist who uses textiles as the means of communicating her take on everyday-life eccentricity. 

Movement, balance, abstraction and transparency form the common thread in all of her work. Whether it is a garment, an installation piece or a sculpture, the concepts of intricacy and attention to detail, as well as the experimental nature of  materiality, are always present. The most distinctive aspect of her design identity is the constant experimentation with unique materials and their original manipulation. 

Main sources of her inspiration, concerning the general aesthetics and mood of her work, are elements of the natural environment rather than the man-made. The body and its delicate imperfections as well as the fading and decay of her surroundings often constitute the backbone of her work. 

She tends to observe the delicacy of movement and the abstract allure of its repetitive motion. Apprehension and reaction to oscillating patterns, trigger experimental processes, with the aim of creating interactive visuals. 

Light is another compelling factor of her approach towards design. The interaction of her work with light and the beauty of the shadows, that are created when light passes through her textiles, always initiate further ideas for design development. Capturing such intriguing visuals through photography and film reveal new perspectives of her pieces.

Valia’s work is characterised by its handmade delicate craftsmanship and inviting approach towards tactile interaction of the viewer with the pieces.