Elin Karacagil and Valia Kapeletzi have collaborated in a collection of wearable pieces of art, as a celebration of interdisciplinary fusion. Textile manipulation and exploration of experimental approaches towards design characterise this series of garments. Print and embroidery interact in eccentric ways, creating intriguing visuals. The coherence in terms of texture, colour, shape and movement form a balanced effect. One discipline appears to fully complete the other and together they create a unique composition.

The designs are preliminarily built around the body with the aim of accentuating specific physical characteristics. The concept of movement is another fundamental value of this collection. The  fluid interaction of the fabrics with the body when in movement, constitutes the most enchanting objective for both designers. Such attention to fabric behaviour is achieved through the use of both light and heavy compartments. Fabric weight, layering as well as the backbone construction of the pieces play a significant role in achieving the desired effect of movement.

During the making of each design, the process of their creation is of compelling significance. Long processes and constant material experimentation, from both parties of the collaboration, have generated new and unusual textiles.

Shared interests in tactile surfaces, movement and the body, in addition to colour manipulation and design aesthetics, form the basis of this collection.Colour is treated in a gradient way throughout the collection. Tonal transitions allow for a more fluid balance among the shapes and textures.

The collection is a tribute to process exploration and integration. Weaving, sublimation printing, flock, acid dyes, transparencies and pleated fabrics come together with the aim of creating a visually intriguing collection of textiles.

© Valia Kapeletzi 2020
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